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Canadian Bluez




Canadian Bluez

Original music in style that we loved from the 60's with words of wisdom from the aged and wise

  After 60 years of absorbing music it was time to let out the wealth of pent up creativity. From writing protest songs in the 1960’s to songs of parenting in the 80’s to grand parenting in 2017 there is diverse material to draw on! From Child Actor on CBC, the first black child actor in ACTRA to Model for Eaton’s Sears, Simpsons, JC Penny etc., life’s stories are ripe for the telling! My Musical heritage is very very rich with a Great Grandfather escaping Slavery in Maryland through the Underground Railway, and landing in1858 in what was to become Canada, with nothing but his talent and Determination.  As a Member of the Jubilee Singers he travelled the World singing and entertaining and passed his talents along to his children, John Christie Holland, Grace Holland, Rose, Oliver, Florence, and future generations such as mine.     ��

Hear the life you have live and love!

  Through the process of building a Business in the 70’s, 80’ss and 90’s,with Distributors throughout the Western world, I was blessed with extensive travel across the USA, Western Europe and the Caribbean where I absorbed the culture, lack of culture and stories of success and perceived success! With William D Smith (Motherlode) as a Brother in Law the window the Music world was wide open and I lived and breathed the industry vicariously through my sister and Smitty. Now with the Magic of Paul Stouffer and the Top Pocket Band my Songs and Stories are brought to Life!        he trav�rg��

Original song composition & production of Canadian Bluez. Canadian Bluez is unique as the positivity of the sounds and lyrics reflects the hope and dreams of our experiences and living life in Canada.

CD Release party @ The Boathouse kitchener Feb 25 1 - 4

This Old Body

This Old Body still knows how to enjoy LIfe!!

I Lost the Feelin'


We have all gotten into a relationship with someone who later turned out to be someone we do not wish to know!

Dem Sheets - A Song for Trump Pets

A Song of Social Conscious - A Call To Action for Everyone

whipping wall - willemsted, curacao

The cover art is the whipping wall in Willemsted, Curacao.

The whipping wall is where slaves recited this bible passage while beaten into submission after their kidnapping from Africa until they were "trained & sale ready" for the other Caribbean islands and the United States. Ironically, White Supremacists would do well to internalize this mantra.